A Fall Day in July

This weekend has had the most COMFORTABLE weather.  This is such a treat, but also a rare occurrence for the end of July in North Carolina.  I took advantage of the weather this weekend and spent a lot of time outdoors.  A long run in the books on Saturday, and a long walk around Lake Johnson park with little Dean dog on Sunday.  The Triangle region has so many options for outdoor activity.  If you live here or should visit (which I highly recommend), there are ample opportunities to get outside!  My top 5 list for outdoor activities:

  1. Eno River State Park – just north of Durham, take a long walk/hike through the woods with the Eno River running along the pass.  Has a pretty cool bridge to cross which makes for good picture opportunities.
  2. Lake Johnson Park – just outside of NCSU in West Raleigh.  It is a paved loop around Lake Johnson for biking, walking, running, etc.  The lake also allows for kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing.  If you do not have your own water gear, they rent!
  3. William B. Umstead State Park – within Wake County, mostly in between Raleigh, Cary & Durham.  Hike, trail run, bike, even ride a horse (!) through the park.
  4. The American Tobacco Trail – 22.6 mile trail in the Triangle that is also great for running, biking, walking
  5. Jordan Lake – a little more of a drive from Raleigh or Durham, but a place to go if one wants to do more boating or jet-skiing.

Saturday night was spent relaxing and enjoying life out & about in Raleigh.  My boyfriend and I went for pre-dinner drinks at a new rooftop bar, Level 7, in the North Hills area of Raleigh.  It had just rained so we couldn’t really sit down on any of the furniture upstairs, but the atmosphere was energetic and modern.  A glass of prossecco + people watching is one of my favorite hobbies.  Afterwards, we met some friends for dinner and enjoyed catching up, enjoying a glass of wine and good food.

roof fullimage

One of my favorite date-night outfits is my pleated blush midi skirt from ASOS.  It has such a nice feminine touch to it, and I love to pair it with a bell-sleeved crop top with a lace detail at the hem.  Crop tops can be a scary trend to try to hop on board with.  Obviously everyone wants to feel confident and pretty with what they wear, and a lot of girls/women shy away from crop tops because of obvious reasons.  This crop top, however, is great because it does hit lower on the abdomen and the lace detail distracts from having more skin showing.  So, if you really want to wear a crop top, but need to ease onto this trend, I recommend going for a crop top with a little flair.

Gold plated jewelry is probably my favorite, and this white + blush clothing combo allowed for gold plated earrings and a bracelet to be the perfect accompaniment.  Kendra Scott is my girl, even though she doesn’t know me, lol.  I may have a slight addiction to her bracelets, but they go so well with so many different outfits.  You don’t always have to have a special event to dress up, take advantage of a random night!

IMG_3344 (3)

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