Dog Days of Summer

Happy Sunday (hopefully Funday), y’all!  Here is my little man, Dean.  We went on a medium-short walk this am to try to get in some steps and energy.  I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays, I must admit.  The Sunday Scaries are a REAL thing. However, my goal is to make today about relaxing, centering myself, and preparing for the week. Walks with Dean are one of my favorite things (when he isn’t pouncing for a squirrel) for a little quiet time, but with intentional physical activity.  It is an easy enough activity to allow me a chance to clear my head after the weekend and mentally prep for the week. We did not go very far today based on the humidity (protect your pets!), but he definitely had a great time.

Coming up this afternoon is a drink with a friend and then off to do work.  I’m trying to find that balance today of recreation + determination.  Ya dig?  A major component of being in the healthcare work-force is staying up to date on the ever changing literature regarding best practice, and keeping oneself accountable on continuing education. Being the only PT in my clinic, I have to definitely make sure I’m staying on top of everything, and be proactive with continuing to educate myself regarding superior PT skills.  In truth, this is not in isolation to the healthcare field, but I encourage everyone to give 100% at everything.  I feel so rewarded by my success in my professional life, and this definitely would not be possible if I did not put forth significant effort to be the best I can be.  It’s true people, the juice is worth the squeeze.  AKA the effort put in will be worth the output.

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My favorite spots to do work out of the home or office are one of the many coffee shops in town.  My attention actually thrives when I have background activity.  Needless to say, I stay hyped up on iced cold brew on the reg’.  I’m a little picky and love to support local business, so I can usually be found at a locally owned shop.  I also LOVE to find a spot at the bar to do work because the the eavesdropping is 100%.  I totally sound creepy right now, and I bet you’re wondering, how do you even get anything done?  Well, all I can say is, it works.

Today’s look of the day is boho casual.  Like I said, it is super humid so shorts are a must. I paired my favorite Paige Denim cut-offs with a tank + kimono.  The kimono is billow-y enough to keep me super cool, but also, not have me walking around in Daisy Dukes in the middle of a regular Sunday.  This outfit also can be switched out super quickly with a pair of jeans to be a little more formal for a dinner date.  Some may think I’m crazy for dressing up to do work, but hey, the old adage is “Look good, Feel Good,” amiright?  I also think “look good, work good.”  Quote me on that.

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