Cool Weather, Cool Plans

I realize I’m behind the times with a new post.  Work has gotten in-SANE, not leaving me much time to do other activities.  However, I’m taking advantage of this lazy weekend and catching up on MY passions.  AKA, watching all the videos of #NYFW, going on a long run, and playing with Dean dog.  This weekend has been incredibly nice with very mild temperatures and an excitement in the air for the coming Fall season.

So now that nearly half of September has passed, I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing oppressive humidity is likely a thing of the past (for the year).  I know there are still a few warm days in my future as NC weather is never consistent.  Cooler weather means cooler plans.  Basically, now that I can be outside in regular clothes comfortably, I want to be outside in regular clothes ALL. THE. TIME.  So, catch me at a local brewery, wine shoppe, coffee shoppe and/or restaurant if I’m not at home.  This can pose a real problem for the waistline as well as the wallet if I’m not careful.  There is just a general sense of #FOMO in my being during the Fall.  Even FOMO when I see strangers out and about.

This Fall I’m probably most excited about lazy brewery days and college football watching.  Being a UNC football fan is a true test of fandom and level-headed emotions.  I will not get much into this, but Go Heels, you are killing me a little every game throwing it away like you do.  Breweries abound in the Triangle region of NC.  Luckily I live within walking distance to a few very good ones.  What I love most about breweries here is their outdoor space.  Most of the breweries in the area have a large outdoor space that make it a great place to hang out, play games, bring your dogs.  Being in such a casual, outdoor atmosphere is great for taking advantage of Fall hat season, chunky sweaters and booties.  Fall fashion gives me all the feels and I cannot WAIT!

I’m also very excited about the colors of this season.  The two I’m loving are mustard yellow and burgundy.  I generally am not a red wearer because I feel like it brings out the redness in my face, but deep red I can get on board with.  There is an instant sense of sophistication that goes along with putting on a crimson or burgundy color piece.  I plan on featuring a Top 5 soon that covers my top Fall fashion choices, but for now, if you are looking to rock the colors of the season, mustard yellow and deep red are safe bets.

Processed with VSCO with m6 preset
Processed with VSCO with m6 preset

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