To The Rescue

Happy Saturday, YAY(!)   This was a long week of not enough sleep and too much work.  As I sit this morning in Benelux Coffee, one of my favorite go – to work spots in Raleigh, I yearn for the days of vacation and time away.  I just finished a #FlyWheel cycle class to get my weekend fitness on.  Spinning is probably my new favorite way to get up a good sweat and have a great work out (but y’all, stay for the stretching, it’s important!).  And the big bonus is, you can accomplish a serious calorie torching workout in under an hour.  I am definitely not a girl that likes to spend over an hour of my weekend time on workouts – unless it involves spending time in the great outdoors.

One of my favorite weekend spots is Charleston, South Carolina.  Charleston is definitely having a moment.  If you’ve never been, you are definitely missing out.  If you’ve never heard of Charleston, you’re living in a cave.  I was there over Memorial Day for a girls weekend with all my favorites from college.  My senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill, go Heels!, I lived with NINE other girls in ONE house.  We did not kill each other and amazingly, most of us are STILL besties.  So, this weekend was our “Hendy House” reunion.  Not only did we spend time catching up, but we relaxed, read, threw a baby shower, and had some serious fun.

Nothing says “you’re thirty” like going out on a Friday night (until 11:30pm), waking up a little less than spry, and needing to go throw a baby shower for your friend before noon. Best solution: maxi dress & bun.  Maxi dresses always save the day.  Not enough time to shave? Maxi dress.  Having a hard time putting together an outfit because your brain just cannot get it together? Maxi dress.  I just recently got this awesome blue maxi from #Lulus.  Extremely reasonable price, and FREE shipping! I love it and received so many compliments on it.  Very comfortable, very breezy.

Now, back to Charleston.  If you’ve never been, GO NOW.  Here is my Top 5 list.

  1. Home Team BBQ (several locations in the Charleston area) – laid back atmosphere & killer nachos.  If you go there and you satisfy the 21+ requirement, get a Gamechanger.  It will live up to it’s name.  Be sure to have a DD.
  2. Tavern & Table (Mount Pleasant).  It’s on the water, they have small plates, they have amazing cocktails & drinks.  Need I say more?
  3. The Macintosh (King Street), especially for brunch.  Order the Duke, you won’t regret it.
  4. Prohibition (King Street).  There are a lot of excellent bars in Charleston with great cocktails, but I have NEVER been disappointed here.  And, they have live brass bands!
  5. Taco Boy (several locations throughout Charleston).  It’s an old standard.  But it is awesome.  My personal favorite location is in DT Charleston – they have a huge back yard/outdoor area.  Best place to sit back and relax and have a margarita, or three.

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