Pumpkin Picking & Treat Eating

Happy Halloween Folks!  It is one of my favorite times of the year – FALL.  I’m not a huge Halloween person, like some of y’all are.  I did not dress up, I must admit.  BUT – I love the candy, I love the pumpkins and I love the mums.  I’m not much for being scared or spooked, so that kind of throws a wrench in the stereotypical Halloween festivities.  Halloween parties, I’ll be there.  Halloween treats, I’ll eat them.  Wanna scare me? See ya later.

I recently went to a quintessential pumpkin patch in town and had a great time.  Most of my friends that went to a pumpkin patch this year went with their kids.  Personally, my child is 4-legged, but I still had a great time.  This pumpkin patch was a little “interactive,” for lack of a better term, and had placards for goofy pictures and seasonably dressed scare crows.  I may have regressed to acting like a little kid, but #nojudgementzone, right?  The day I went (sadly) was a bit warmer than usual and nixed my plans to wear the Fall Uniform, aka, plaid and a vest.  But I have this awesome blush cool weather sweater from #HM.  It is SO SOFT, comfy, and versatile.  Because the weather was warm, I paired it with a flower print skirt.  Not quite the deep tones of usual Fall clothes, but blush is having a serious moment and I’m all in.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Since then, cooler weather has more consistently setting in and I switched out my closets.  Living in such small quarters with minimal closet space can be… challenging.  I’ve learned to use vacuumed suctioned storage ziploc bags to their fullest.  They are seriously the coolest.  I almost feel like I’m packing for space travel when I suction all the air out of them and prep them for storage.  If you are living in tight quarters and need to pack up clothes (or blankets, PSA), definitely invest in these.  It is, admittedly, such a pain to switch out the spaces, but I try to see the silver lining.  Switching out closets and unpacking winter clothes is kind of like … opening presents?  At least that’s what I tell myself when I look around my house and clothes of various seasons are scattered EVERYWHERE.  I finished, ironed out wrinkly stuff and am ready for the COLD (but just not too cold, please).

As the Holiday seasons start to roll through with the kickoff of Halloween tonight, it is definitely time to make sure my workout schedule is at the ready to combat my raging sweet tooth.  I went to a fun yoga sculpt class this evening at CorePower Yoga.  It was a serious ass kicker and I was DEAD when I left.  They had candy at the front desk, and, I couldn’t resist.  A mini Snickers peanut butter square? Yes please.  After I ate it, I have to admit, I felt super guilty.  Here I was, just did a great work out, and potentially ruined it.  It is super easy to get down on yourself with little moments of weakness and slip ups.  But, I just reminded myself that hey, its HALLOWEEN for crying out loud.  And, YES, I did just have a great workout, so all is not lost.  I think it is SO SO important we don’t beat ourselves up for little slip ups in our diets here and there.  If we did that, slip ups would become so much more than they are.  If having a treat here or there that isn’t in your scheduled cheat meals, stay positive, recognize a little treat slip up for what it is, and move on.  Don’t let it throw your whole night, because then you allow the slip up to win.

Happy Halloween, y’all!

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