[Foam] Rolling into the Weekend

If you follow my Insta-feed, you’ll realize that I’m WAY behind on blog posts that coordinate with Insta posts.  Travel and work have both lent a hand into putting me behind in staying updated.  But, here we are at Friday (yay!) and a free weekend to catch up with blog love, friends, and sleep.

I suffer from #FOMO big time.  So, relaxed weekend nights spent on the couch are (sadly) an event that doesn’t happen very often.  I  know this is crazy to complain about – I feel very lucky and blessed to have a great group of friends to spend my time with.  I just have a hard time saying “no” when I should.  Positive relationships and close friendships are very important for maintaining good mental health AND well-being. But taking care of yourself is important too.  So tonight, I will order in pizza from Trophy Brewing (one of the top pizza places in the state, y’all!) and Netflix.  I seriously could not be more pumped about being in my PJs by 8pm.

A component of my “treat yourself” and rest day is a day off from scheduled exercise. Rest days are important!  The body needs recovery.  However, recovery does not = lazy. That is important.  Days spent horizontal on the couch or continuously in a chair are not the type of rest our body needs.  I like to take advantage of my rest days to stretch and take care of my muscle health.

If you know me, I can totally get on a soap box regarding an array of issues.  One of my favorite soap box topics is foam rolling.  The internet is a wonderful, and yet sometimes, a terrible place.  If you Google foam rolling, I’m sure you will find websites that are pro-foam rolling (ahem, here)… and you’ll find websites that are anti-foam rolling (insane).  The claim that foam rolling will harm tendons or muscle tissue is ridiculous in my opinion.  GRANTED, and hear me people, you must foam roll correctly and SAFELY.

Foam rolling has been proven in research to improve joint range of motion and flexibility.  This can help restore appropriate functional mobility and prevent injury.  The effects of foam rolling are short-term.  This means basically that just because you foam rolled on Monday, July 31, does not mean that you will maintain the positive effects of foam rolling if you do not stay consistent with the intervention.  Foam rolling should become a regularly scheduled program in your fitness routine.

Are you asking yourself, “But Heather, when do I foam roll?”  You can honestly foam roll any time.  Many people do not realize that foam rolling is great to do for a short period BEFORE exercise!  This helps get the myofascial planes loose and bring in more blood flow to the muscle tissue.  Of course, most people know to definitely foam roll after exercise.  My general rule of thumb is to spend minimum of 1 minute, up to 5 minutes, per body region.  It is possible to overdo it, so keep that in mind.  Do not roll over bones (for example, right on your knee cap), this will not feel good.  AND, adequately support your body weight.  If you are allowing too much of your body weight to be transmitted through the foam roller, it will increase the discomfort of the intervention and likely do you no good. If you want to foam roll and aren’t sure how, go see a fitness professional for coaching or training.  

Welp y’all, I’m out of coffee, out of mini donuts… and it’s time to go pick up my pizza (treat yo’self, remember?).

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