What you NEED from Zara Fall 2017

I’m currently crushing on EVERYTHING from Zara.  I’m trying to figure out how I can justify buying everything on their website right now.  What I love about Zara is their fashion forward, runway looking styles for (mostly) a reasonable price.  I am going to Italy in a few months and am definitely using that as a worthy excuse to spend a little extra on my cool weather wardrobe this year.

Another thing I always pay attention to with online shopping is a retailer’s return/exchange policies.  I much more hard pressed to spend money on a trendy item if I cannot return it.  Trendy items can look amazing online and on the models, and then they get to my little 5’3 frame and I look rather silly.  Luckily Zara has a full refund return policy (as long as items are returned in a certain amount of time).

The old saying (is it a saying? or is it a commercial that has phased into my psyche?) “if you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it!” definitely came to fruition last week.  One of the items on the list, I kept thinking about, imagining in different outfit situations.  I went to the Zara website and almost had a heart attack because I couldn’t find it one evening, thinking that it had sold out.  I took this as a sign that I should probably just close my eyes, enter my credit card information, and get the coat.  I’m super excited I did.  Online ordering is like getting presents at Christmas.  You have a nice little box waiting for you to unwrap.  Just train yourself to forget you paid for it.

Okay, so MY favorite 5 items at Zara right now ARE

Faux Suede Coat – Mustard

ZARA yellow

This is actually the coat I couldn’t stop thinking about.  It is very light and Fall appropriate.  Pair with jeans or other dark trousers.  I plan on pairing with a bold colored top, but clearly a dark top works quite well.  This jacket is basically screaming “YAY FALL!”

Embroidered Velvet Jacket

ZARA velvet

This jacket for some reason reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.  I think its the embroidery design. But I love LOVE this jacket.  In my dreams, I have it paired with a faux black leather leggings or a skirt.  If its a skirt, then over the knee boots.  If its leggings, then metallic pumps (insert heart eyes emoji)

Bejewelled Satin High Heel Ankle Boot 

ZARA shoe

Aren’t these the COOLEST.  I mean, they have to be the star of your outfit’s show. And they are definitely deserving of the spotlight.

Silver Metallic Dress

ZARA metallic

Metallic is IN and I’m ALL BOUT IT BOUT IT.  I love this dress – the metallic makes it a show stopper, but the long sleeve shift cut makes it not too over the top.  AND the shift isn’t plain and boring, it has a nice added detail in the waist.  I’d love a velvet over the knee boot with this dress, thank you in advance to my guardian clothing angel!

Embroidered Faux Suede Top

ZARA top

Can you tell I am loving embroidery and suede? Suede feels good, embroidery looks good.  This top has a lot going on, so it would be easy to style with a pair of black jeans or leggings.  Super FALL and wearable for a nice day outing!




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