Ciao, Ciao!

Buongiorno!  I’m still coming off of an Italy high, even almost a month later!  If you follow FitandSwank Insta account (which you totally should), you’ll know I traveled to Italy over the American Thanksgiving week.  I plan to put up several posts about our trip and review a few of the tours and places we stayed.

This trip was the amazing excuse I needed to buy so many more outfits.  If you noticed Zara stock increase just prior to November, it was thanks to yours truly for increasing their profit margin.

A few takeaways from the trip:

  1. Italy is BEAUTIFUL
  2. I have a new found affection for cappuccino, and learned that the first cappuccino ever made was made by accident.
  3. Italian take away breakfasts (pastry + cappuccino) is so much cheaper than the US.  We are getting ripped off for a croissant, people.
  4. There is NO other pizza, I repeat, NO other pizza like there is in Italy. Most of the pizza we saw on menus was quite simplistic, but so delicious.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the pizza joints in the States that put crazy mixes of toppings on their pizza, but there is something about few ingredients and so much flavor.  Processed with VSCO with 4 presetThis pizza is from Al 384 Ristorante Pizzeria in Rome.  We went there so much in 2 days they thought we had moved to Rome.  Not even kidding.
  5. Italy does Black Friday, Black Weekend, Black Week (shopping).  It was kind of weird.

A quick summary of my trip: Florence area for 3 days, Venice for 1 day and Rome for 2 full days.  I have a friend that says you are “either a Rome person or a Florence person”.  I think I’m a Florence, or Firenze, person.  I’ll tell you why in upcoming posts!

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset



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