Playing Cozy Dress Up

Winter weather is a great excuse to play cozy dress up.  Cozy dress up: dressing as comfortable as possible and looking fly.   A nice sweater is an excellent way to achieve this look goal. The softer, the better.  Who doesn’t wanna feel like they are wearing a blanket out?  The trouble with sweaters can be their bulkiness, hiding of physique, or dress down feel.

I don’t let this stop me, though.  The more comfortable I am, the happier I am, but this is universal, right?  Regardless, I’ve found that for nights out when I just want to be as comfy as possible, I do not shy away from sweater wearing.  Pair a sweater with a pair of black tights and over the knee boots, and that sweater just escalated into another realm of dress wear.

I get it though, here I am talking about comfortable clothing and I’m mentioning over the knee (heeled) boots?  Well, I was skeptical of buying them for myself at first.  Despite OTK boots being everywhere in fashion, I felt like my legs were too short to pull them off.  Luckily #targetstyle is always killing it.  I found a reasonably priced pair of boots for my first venture into this style.  I love them.  I’ve always wondered why we don’t have jackets for our legs in cold weather, and OTK boots are essentially just that.


Image result for one kind day over the knee boots target
Click the pic for link to purchase!


So, don’t let wearing a sweater make you feel like you are just out running errands or having lunch with your Grandmother.


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