Early Spring Favorites

Spring.  The word conjures up images of beautiful blooming flowers, sunshine, warmer temperatures… If you’re anything like me, you’ve been sorely disappointed in the long winter and too cold temperatures.  It’s made getting dressed really difficult.

Does anyone else HATE being cold but love warm weather clothes?  I may be one of the few that just isn’t crazy about jeans.  Most of the time you’ll find me in leggings or a dress.  Add in a temperature that isn’t really warm, but also, isn’t really cold, and I’m super conflicted.

Lately, in this very cool Spring North Carolina has had so far, I’ve been really into long sleeved blouses and dresses, and leggings.  A long sleeve dress with boots is one of my favorite outfits.  A dress is so easy to throw on.  A dress paired with booties is a great and fantastic outfit, climate appropriate, and so versatile for day or night!   If a dress just isn’t happening, or if maybe your legs get a little too cold, the blouse + legging combo is the way to go.  For either option, they are chic and comfortable outfits for a casual night out or daytime activity.


Daytime, I’ll dress down with a pair of flats, small delicate necklace and studs.  To transition into a night out, I’ll swap out flats for heels, long necklace, and possibly a snazzy pair of colorful earrings. There are so many options for long blouses, or tunics, and they have the bonus of looking good on everyone.  They can be tailored to your size, but they also do not hug.  And trying to wear a shirt that is so form fitting all day is against everything I believe in.

Pool Dress

As we continue to navigate this chilly Spring, survive North Carolina pollen and allergies, and wait with bated breath for the warm temperatures of Summer, check out my favorite Spring picks for long tops to add to the wardrobe rotation for the rest of Spring.  (Links to the tops in the caption of each photo)


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