Summer Hats

Hats. It took me a bit to embrace the trend, but embrace it I did. Hats used to make me self conscious – I didn’t want anything to draw any more attention to me than necessary. How silly, right?  I know a lot of us may stray from wearing certain items – accessories, bright colors, trendy clothes – to blend in or not seem too flashy. Fashion is our chance to express ourselves! So, a few years ago, I would have passed over hats.  But, over time, I’ve built my self confidence and my don’t give AF attitude towards what other people think about what I’m wearing.

Summer hats are probably my favorite.  I mean, not only do they add the right extra to an outfit, but added bonus, they provide an extra protection from the sun.  As soon as the hat goes on, almost immediate vacay vibes take over, even on a “school night” at home.

Floppy or straight brimmed, the possibilities are endless. I recently got this straight brimmed hat from FabFitFun and I love it (I never thought I’d get so much joy from a pre-prepared box, but I do. It’s like getting a big Christmas present a few times a year). Even though I live in Raleigh, with the hat on, I’m transported to the West Coast. It works great for day time adventures, and even an evening out.

Check captions below for links to similar hats and add it to your rotation!

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