To Wear, or Not to Wear

So, I have to admit, I have an on again, off again relationship with jumpsuits and rompers.  I know that they are quite popular these days, but with my shorter stature and NOT long legs, sometimes I feel like rompers and jumpsuits look ridiculous on me. There are so many cute ones out there, though! So I always have romper envy when I see someone totally killing it in a one piece. 


You will not find many of these items in my closet.  In fact, I have exactly one romper and one jumpsuit. Both bought on sale. I do admit though, I love them both and wear them multiple times throughout the Spring and Summer. So, part of the battle is finding one that is made well and accentuates what I got.  For me, it was vertical lines to elongate my torso in the jumpsuit. My romper has a combo of lace detail and hem decoration to add a little something extra to the design.


Currently, I’ve been on the Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription.  This has helped me expand my romper and jumpsuit experience, without making such a long-term financial commitment.  The wonderful thing is you put in your order and wait excitedly like you are receiving a present (isn’t this the beauty of all shipments?).  The shipment arrives, you try on and have a fashion show at home.  Looks great? Wear it!  Don’t love it? No problem, ship back for free and choose something else.  I also love with Unlimited that if there is a cute piece I love, I keep it for a few weeks and wear it multiple times.

There are so many super cute rompers for daytime summer activities, or, elegant jumpsuits to wear to a fancy event. I’ve seen so many jumpsuits that are tailored beautifully with elegant details and unique cutouts, making great wedding outfits. 

Check out a few of my favorite picks below to add to your warm weather wardrobe:



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