Goodbye, Summer

Summer is technically coming to a close as the first day of Fall approaches. Here in the South, however, hot temperatures are holding on for still weeks to come. Mentally, I’m in a Fall state of mind. Physically, it is still hot as Hell.

With Fall comes football Saturdays, fall festivals, and plenty of outdoor fun. Personally, I look forward to sitting outside at a local brewery with friends to watch football, have a good beer and have so many laughs. It is good for the soul.

I long to put on jeans, a sweater and boots and really go all in with Fall gear, but that would essentially be punishing myself. So, my favorite way to start incorporating fall pieces in a wearable way is combining light sweaters with skirts or shorts. Besides, if you spend time to work on my Booty Burn workouts, might as well show the legs off for as long as possible, right?

My usual go-to is a sweater that is made out of lighter material and a pleated (short) skirt. Check out my finds for this season below.

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