Playing Cozy Dress Up

Winter weather is a great excuse to play cozy dress up.  Cozy dress up: dressing as comfortable as possible and looking fly.   A nice sweater is an excellent way to achieve this look goal. The softer, the better.  Who doesn’t wanna feel like they are wearing a blanket out?  The trouble with sweaters can be their bulkiness, hiding of physique, or dress down feel.

I don’t let this stop me, though.  The more comfortable I am, the happier I am, but this is universal, right?  Regardless, I’ve found that for nights out when I just want to be as comfy as possible, I do not shy away from sweater wearing.  Pair a sweater with a pair of black tights and over the knee boots, and that sweater just escalated into another realm of dress wear.

I get it though, here I am talking about comfortable clothing and I’m mentioning over the knee (heeled) boots?  Well, I was skeptical of buying them for myself at first.  Despite OTK boots being everywhere in fashion, I felt like my legs were too short to pull them off.  Luckily #targetstyle is always killing it.  I found a reasonably priced pair of boots for my first venture into this style.  I love them.  I’ve always wondered why we don’t have jackets for our legs in cold weather, and OTK boots are essentially just that.


Image result for one kind day over the knee boots target
Click the pic for link to purchase!


So, don’t let wearing a sweater make you feel like you are just out running errands or having lunch with your Grandmother.


Blue Hues & Finding the Statement Piece

Blue is very possibly my favorite color.  I’ve yet to meet someone wearing blue that I thought, hmm, that color does not suit them.  Blue, generally, does not clash with people’s skin tones, matches all colors of hair, and basically, is God’s color.  Ok, I made that last part up, but the sky IS blue.  Where blood type O is the universal donor, color blue is the universal “I’ll look good on you” color.

If you look at color meanings, or color psychology (because yes, that is apparently a thing), the color blue has a majority of positive meanings or connotations.  So if you believe that what you exude and what you see can impact your attitude or general well-being, go blue!  Rich blues and gold plated jewelry are probably my favorite outfit combo, and I’m definitely guilty of repeating this duo, maybe one too many times (if that is possible).  While specific colors will have a moment, or be the “it” color – ie. mustard yellow, millennial pink, just to name a few – blue is always fashion forward and a popular, “you probably can’t go wrong” (because in fashion, anyone could go wrong) choice.  


So if you’re like me and you find almost all clothing and accessories you own are some shade or combo of blue, you find yourself needing a statement piece to stand out. In fashion there can be that one accessory that can transform an outfit.  Find that one piece to make any outfit unique and stand out amongst the crowd.  Recently for me, I found that statement piece in a silk neck scarf.  I’ve always admired the look of a silk neck scarf, particularly conjuring up images of trendy 1960s style outfit wear (I’ve always romanticized some aspects of 60s & 70s wear).


I’ve been a little too timid to wear one out, but recently, I’ve YOLO’d a lot of my outfit ideas and added one to a very colorful 90s style graphic tee from Anthropolgie.  The color combos were great and I loved the outfit.  


Not that everyone needs a silk neck scarf (but seriously, give them a shot), but find that one unique or unusual piece that can be the focus of an outfit. By simply addeing a statement piece, a seemingly boring (or, “I’ve worn this top 1000x”)  outfit can be elevated in an instant.

Wedding Season

It’s wedding season.  Luckily or sadly, depending my mood and status of my bank account, I’m out of the age of “summer of weddings”.  Summer of 2012/2013 I was basically poor and exhausted.  Don’t get me wrong, I love LOVED getting to see my best friends nearly every other weekend when we all live so far apart these days.  But, weddings are taxing – on the wallet, energy and healthy living continuum.

So this blog and insta-world are themed around fitness and style.  But hear me out.  I. LOVE. GOOD. FOOD.  This gets me into trouble during the weekends, and especially with fun events (that involve freebies).  My solution? Behave with your diet M-Th, factor in cheats during the weekend, 6 days of exercise.  Now, this will not work for everyone depending on your fitness goals, but generally, it is working out for me.

Traveling for a fun weekend and no gym?  And, maybe the outdoor weather isn’t cooperating?  People! this is no excuse.  There are so many good body weight exercises you can do.  Your workout over the weekend (again, keep in mind your overall goal), does not necessarily have to be PR making or exceptionally taxing.  ANYTHING is better than nothing (my mantra when I really, really do not want to move).

JUMP FOR GOD’S SAKE.  Plyos are a great way to really rev that heart rate and burn some cals.  Enter: Tabata style workout.  There are so many good Google or Pinterest searches you can do to find a good workout, so I will not waste my time.  But do movements that involve legs & arms, it will give you the most bang for your buck.  Do movements that are HARD.  However, above all, USE GOOD FORM.  Unsure you are squatting correctly?  Does this move actually hurt?  Do not do it. Generally, it is not going to “work itself out.”  Find an alternative movement to do.  If an impact (think: jumping) move hurts, do a version that you do not leave the ground, just go faster.

Life is about living, life is about LOVING.  Do not completely restrict or seclude yourself.  There are ways to still make a difference and have fun doing it!

OKAY, so anyways, my intention with this post was to talk about this FANTASTIC dress from #HalstonHeritage.  Are you in need for a super-chic wedding dress?  Low on cash? (Because again, wedding season)  Check out #RentTheRunway.  I’ve rented many dresses and have NEVER been disappointed with the dress, customer service, and EASE of use.  You can find awesome dresses that you would never be able to actually purchase (and who would want to by a multi-hundred dollar dress you’d only wear once… maaaaybe twice?).

I styled this blush pink Halston dress with nude block heels.  Block heels – God’s gift to fancy shoes.  So much more comfortable than regular pumps.  These shoes made it through 80% of my night.  Necklace from TARGET y’all.  It looks very Loren Hope-esque, but for like 1/6 of the price.  The necklace was a bit of a “statement” piece, so I kept with simple stud John Hardy earrings (shout out to my boyfriend, David, for the sweet gift).

The wedding took place in Greenville, South Carolina… my old home and owner of a piece of my heart.  This was the place where I really developed as a professional physical therapist and enhanced my skills as an orthopaedic specialist in residency.  I also met one of my BEST friends.  If you have a long weekend and want a getaway, Greenville is my Charleston of the upstate.  The wedding ceremony & reception was at the Cigar Warehouse in downtown.  Awesome location.  Katie & Matt had a beautiful ceremony and a TOO FUN reception (re: shoes made it 80% of the night).  I received so many compliments on the dress, and essentially did some serious marketing for #RTR (kickback, please?).  Consider using this company for your next event when you want to wear a very elegant piece of clothing you may otherwise not be able to afford.  It seriously can enhance your mood and confidence.  You will not regret it!

Look good. Feel good. Have fun!