Fun and Flirty (and Thirty [+])

I’m happy that in 2018, the connotation of being in your 30s doesn’t immediately come with expectations that one should be married, have children and be adulting 100%.  Do not get me wrong. These things are ABSOLUTELY great life events, if they are happening. But as someone who is thirty something and NOT married, no kids, and only just bought her first home with parental assistance, I’m happy that heavy pressures are reduced.  Also, another point to not get wrong, they still happen. If I had a nickel for everyone that asked if I was married, surprised when I said no, then subsequently asked me if I was going to get married and have kids, I’d have made enough for a new car.

I think that this changing expectation ALSO applies to clothes!  Trendy clothes are my favorite, and although I know some of this stuff is majorly marketed to 25 year-olds and younger, I’m still all about it, within reason.  I think some of the best times to wear current trends is summer. It just seems like so much more can go because no one is worried about freezing to death and shrouding themselves in heavy, long coats.

Between dresses, skirts, shorts, summer denim, flowy tops, cutout tops, crop tops, the list goes on and on and on, you can have a multitude of excellent, fashionable options. I love a good go-to dress that can work day time and casual nights out.  But sometimes, it’s fun to find that great, unique summer dress that is a stand out. Also, mixed pieces allow for pattern combinations, and multiple outfits with mixing and matching different items in your closet.


Take advantage of shorter sleeves, deeper neck lines and less layers to accessorize!  Cuff bracelets are currently my personal favorite, as well as a good gold plated hoop earring.  I’m probably guilty of wearing the same accessories for nearly all outfits, but sometimes when you find that something works, it works.  

Have fun with your fashion choices and step outside the box!  While quality, timeless pieces are worth the splurge, for most trend pieces, I suggest not going top of the line or on the edge of a clothing budget.  If you see a dress or other item you aren’t sure you’d wear in a year, buy on the cheaper end. H&M, Zara, ASOS, and Nordstrom Rack are my go – tos if I’m looking for a little more trendy clothes that are affordable.  Check out below for my current favorite flirty and fun summer pieces!



Summer Day Dresses

The wonderful thing about summer (and being a girl) is the ability to wear dresses. Dress to me is synonymous with easy. It is one piece to throw on, find some shoes, accessorize and go.  Loving some above the knee & asymmetrical summer dress to keep things casual, cool and comfortable.

I’ve gathered together my favorites below.  Check the link and get shopping!


To Wear, or Not to Wear

So, I have to admit, I have an on again, off again relationship with jumpsuits and rompers.  I know that they are quite popular these days, but with my shorter stature and NOT long legs, sometimes I feel like rompers and jumpsuits look ridiculous on me. There are so many cute ones out there, though! So I always have romper envy when I see someone totally killing it in a one piece. 


You will not find many of these items in my closet.  In fact, I have exactly one romper and one jumpsuit. Both bought on sale. I do admit though, I love them both and wear them multiple times throughout the Spring and Summer. So, part of the battle is finding one that is made well and accentuates what I got.  For me, it was vertical lines to elongate my torso in the jumpsuit. My romper has a combo of lace detail and hem decoration to add a little something extra to the design.


Currently, I’ve been on the Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription.  This has helped me expand my romper and jumpsuit experience, without making such a long-term financial commitment.  The wonderful thing is you put in your order and wait excitedly like you are receiving a present (isn’t this the beauty of all shipments?).  The shipment arrives, you try on and have a fashion show at home.  Looks great? Wear it!  Don’t love it? No problem, ship back for free and choose something else.  I also love with Unlimited that if there is a cute piece I love, I keep it for a few weeks and wear it multiple times.

There are so many super cute rompers for daytime summer activities, or, elegant jumpsuits to wear to a fancy event. I’ve seen so many jumpsuits that are tailored beautifully with elegant details and unique cutouts, making great wedding outfits. 

Check out a few of my favorite picks below to add to your warm weather wardrobe: